BBQ – It’s a Sure Sign of Summer!

The smell of perfectly seasoned meat wafting through the neighbourhood, as it’s being prepared on someone’s grill. If your family loves enjoying BBQ together, perhaps you’ve thought of having not merely a grill, but a complete outdoor kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to design and build your own custom outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, or whether you simply want a high quality standalone portable grill that you can use to prepare delicious meals for friends and family, Colonial Pools can help you make that dream a reality.


American Outdoor Grills

Designed and manufactured by the same company that makes Fire Magic premium grills, AOG grills are constructed from the highest quality stainless steel. Features include a large cooking surface, stainless steel rod cooking grids and an analog thermometer.

Grills are available in a variety of sizes and models. If you are unsure which one best suits the needs of your family, one of our consultants would be happy to help you make your selection.


Available features include:

  • Stainless steel rod cooking grids
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Built in backburner
  • Vaporizer panels
  • Rapid light ignition (available on the T series models)
  • Analog thermometer
  • On/off light control button (available on the L series models)
  • Electronic ignition button (available on the L series models)
  • Halogen lights which are ideal for night grilling (available on the L series models)
  • Warming rack
  • Drip collection system

Built In Grills

If you love entertaining, then having a full outdoor kitchen may be the ideal thing for you and your guests. Cooking on a built in grill, you can have plenty of counter space nearby with all the storage room that you need to hold your cooking utensils.

You can be the perfectly organized outdoor chef while still being a good host and being close to your guests.

Portable Grills

Our portable grills are perfect for the family that loves to BBQ but does not feel the need for a full outdoor kitchen.

Benefits of Grilling!

Not only is grilling a wonderfully social – not to mention tasty – pastime, but there are also some great health benefits to cooking on the BBQ compared to other methods of cooking.

  • Excess fat drips away, and unlike cooking with a frying pan, food does not sit (cook) in the dissolved fat.
  • Grilled vegetables are not only delicious, but they retain more of their vitamins and minerals when compared with other methods of cooking.
  • High heat locks in moisture, so it is not necessary to add extra oil or butter.
  • Grilled meats keep more of their riboflavin and thiamine.

Why Choose Colonial Pools?

Our company is more than pools. We specialize in many areas of your outdoor summer oasis – and that includes grills. If you are looking for the ideal built in or portable grill to host your summertime soirees, look no further than Colonial Pools.

We can set you up with the perfect grill for your family and help you create the ideal outdoor kitchen. Call us today, and the next time your smell a delicious steak cooking, the aroma could be coming from your own back yard.

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